I do things while eating pizza



You know how everyone lists random facts about themselves to seem cool? I’ll do that too, but with purpose. Hear me out: 

I have a biometric retina. So basically, I’m part robot and see things where no one else does. 

Mosh pits are life. Evading kicks and punches with loud punk rock playing, gives me a complete rush while teaching me to always get back up, with bruises and all.

The biggest recognition I could ever get happened in 2015 when Gwen Stefani asked to take a selfie with me in front of a 50,000 people crowd because she was impressed by what was written in the sign I made. 

You can say i’m a part robot punk rocker copywriter that knows how to stand out from the crowd while never giving up, or at least tries to.   

PS: Currently in the process of getting my O1 visa.

Currently at: 72andSunny L.A