Time spent LOOKING AT youR phone could save your life. 

There are many benefits to the increasing use of technology which may include saving your life. With new facial recognition software, Apple Health wants to help catch early warning signs of a stroke.

NY Festivals First Prize Award- Avant-Garde (2018)

Clio Student Innovation- Bronze (2018)

Summit Creative Awards- Gold (2018)

ADC Canada Merit (2018)

CA Communication Arts Winner (2018)

NY Festivals Finalist- Digital (2018)

Creative Conscience Awards Shortlist (2018)

Graphis- Gold (2018)

Miami ADDY’S- Gold (2019)

Miami ADDY’S- Silver (2019)

Featured in: CA Communication Arts Advertising Annual #59, Ads Of The World (Highlighted Student Ad), Adeeve, Hello You Creatives, We Love Ad, NY Festivals

AD: Ela Kallonen, Junggle Kim

CW: Maddie Rosenberg, Cristina Márquez